Jointly hosted by
Rochester Institute of Technology
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

We are pleased to announce an international workshop focused on smart cities and urban data science. The workshop aims to gather researchers, practitioners, and subject matter experts from academia, industry, and city administration to address a number of research themes arising out of building future smart cities. The workshop is naturally expected to be multi-disciplinary, drawing experts in data science, social sciences, cloud and distributed computing, urban sustainability, public policy, and software engineering. The workshop participants are expected to share new findings, discuss current and future urban challenges, exchange ideas, discuss potential collaborative opportunities, and report latest research efforts that cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

Internet of Things
  • Smart sensors
  • Energy saving schemes for IoT devices
  • Test bed and experiment experiences in cities
  • Big data for urban informatics
  • Systems for urban data collection
  • Human mobility modeling and analytics
Software Engineering
  • Software engineering for urban applications
  • Wireless protocols for IoT devices
  • Cloud computing and network infrastructure that supports smart cities
Social Science and Public Policy
  • Using data to promote healthy cities
  • Public administration and big data
  • Access and usability of data for citizens
  • Using data analytics for poverty reduction interventions
  • AI and deep learning models for traffic and other infrastructure management
  • Environment and urban monitoring
  • Mobile crowdsourcing
  • Smart transportation
  • Smart energy and water meters
  • Smart buildings
  • Emergency response/disaster management

Individuals with an interest in these and related themes are invited to submit statements of interest, paper abstracts or position papers. We hope that the workshop will provide a venue for exciting presentations and fruitful discussions. We expect participants to develop joint collaborative projects for funding from various agencies as part of the workshop outcome. We also plan to develop an international conference on the theme to be held annually as an outcome of the proposed workshop. Please contact either Prof. Naveen Sharma ( or Prof. D. Janakiram ( for further information or expression of interest